Bring Me The Horizon – Throne (Track Of The Day, 23rd June)

Track Of The Day today comes from Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon, from their 2015 album That’s The Spirit. That’s The Spirit celebrated the idea of embracing darkness and pain, and the songs of the album expressed this concept. In the words of frontman Oliver Sykes: “The greatest power comes from having accepted your shadow parts & […]

Bring Me The Horizon – Avalanche (Track Of The Day, 6th March)

Today’s Track Of The Day is “Avalanche” from UK’s Bring Me The Horizon. “Avalanche” was written about ADHD. Vocalist Oliver Sykes was unaware he had the diagnosis until his mid-20s, referring to it as contributing to his addiction to the drug ketamine. “Cause I’m going out of frequency Can anyone respond?” Lyrically “Avalanche” openly describes […]

Live: Bring Me The Horizon / While She Sleeps / Hands Like Houses

What do they put in the water in Sheffield, UK which makes for such musical awesomeness to come from there? Last night we celebrated two Sheffield bands: Bring Me The Horizon and While She Sleeps, along with stellar Canberra (Australia) band, Hands Like Houses. The buzz was electric at Margaret Court Arena before any band […]